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Message from Chairman of the Henley Business School Alumni Association (Hong Kong)

Dear friends, and fellow Henley alumni,
I am honoured to assume the role as Chairman of the Henley Business School Association (Hong Kong) and with the help of Gloria, plus the rest of the committee, I look forward to building a vibrant and active network that we can all enjoy, benefit from and take pride in.
I have taken on this role as I believe there are compelling reasons to play an active role in the Henley alumni network and I am asking you to do the same. Over the coming months, hopefully years, we plan to organise a regular series of social, business and educational events that will be fantastic networking opportunities, offering valuable connections both social and in a professional context.
In the recent Economist survey, Henley Business School was voted No. 1 in the world for the quality of networking and is the No. 2 MBA in the UK.
We want to build a network that people are proud to be a part of and can

Together, we represent many of the most influential, critical and powerful companies in Hong Kong across a range of industries. These include HSBC, Standard Chartered and AIA in Banking and Finance, JLL, Hong Kong Land, CBRE from Real Estate, IBM, Nokia, and Siemens in IT, iconic Hong Kong firms such as Jardines, Cathay and Swire, The HK SAR Government, as well as representatives from the retail, FMCG, travel and transport industries and our growing community of entrepreneurs.
To help to strengthen your personal brand as a Henley alumus, and help maintain and strengthen Henley Business School’s profile; from early next year we will:

Please join us for the start of a new era for Henley in Hong Kong and let’s make build a stronger more engaging alumni group.
Paul Mais
Chairman, Henley Business School Alumni Association (Hong Kong)
Email: paulmaishenley@gmail.com