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Recipients for Return to Work Scholarships

Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program by IPI is excited to announce the two recipients for the Return to Work Scholarships: Mariette Rinck and Eurydice Amstelveen. Congratulations! We are pleased to have Mariette and Eurydice joining us for the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program in Singapore October 2017!

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New York Intake 2018

New York here we come! The New York intake for Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program will be commencing in March 2018, admissions limited to 25 qualified applicants only. Find out more: http://henley.asia/executive-education/executive-hedge-fund-program/  

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Singapore Intake Oct 14

The next Singapore intake for Henley will be commencing on the October 14th 2017. Find out more: http://henley.asia/executive-education/executive-hedge-fund-program/singapore/

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Program Achievements: 2-Year Anniversary

  As we approach our 2-year anniversary we are proud to highlight our achievements so far. Looking forward to nurturing many more program graduates and expanding the ever-growing network in the next few years. Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the development of the program – students, tutors, mentors, judges and industry partners… More

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Class of Tokyo 2017 Graduated

Congratulations to all who graduated this weekend from the inaugural Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program in Tokyo. Special thanks to all our tutors and judges who helped teach the program. Our next program will be commencing on 24-25 February 2018.    

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Class of HK 2016 Graduated

After six months of workshops, networking events, online study and group work, the first cohort of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program graduated on 21 February 2016.  Congratulations to our 25 participants on their excellent final presentations of their Hedge Fund ideas to our expert panel. Thanks to our tutors, mentors and industry partners, the… More

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Celebration of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program

A big thanks and congratulations to all the tutors, mentors and industry partners who helped make the first intake of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund program such a big success. Feb 20-21 marks the last weekend of program 1 and the start of our second intake. For their final project, participants will pitch their fund… More

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Henley retained as top 10 in the UK, and no. 35 in Europe in the Financial Times European business schools 2015 ranking

Henley retained its top 10 UK position among schools including Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge and London Business School in this year’s executive rankings – Henley is now number 35 in the Financial Times European business schools 2015 ranking. The recently published table is based on the strong performance in the Executive MBA (EMBA) and Executive… More

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