The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program first launched in Hong Kong in September 2015 and will now be expanding into Tokyo in 2017. It will officially commence on 11 March 2017 in Tokyo.  The program has now over 80 alumni from Singapore and Hong Kong. Program Advisor, Steve Bernstein says that “Japan is still a major world financial center. The Japanese government has made expanding asset management a key initiative in their financial sector planning to succeed they will need expertise and education. The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program can definitely bridge that gap.”

Several leading industry figures from companies such as Nomura, Makoto Takahashi, United Managers, Nezu Asia, Hedge Funds Club will be involved in the Tokyo program to provide a realistic overview of the Hedge Fund Landscape in Japan. Furthermore, Alumni from the Singapore and Hong Kong program will also be welcome to join the monthly networking cocktail sessions in Tokyo as well, showing how the program has grown tremendously over the last one and half years. This also encapsulates on one of the core features of the program on industry networking.