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What We Do

Today’s global situation calls for leaders who can balance managing strategically, ethically and most importantly, responsibly, against the backdrop of potentially limited resources, a downturn in demand and fiscal uncertainty.

These leadership qualities are the critical drivers for ensuring survival, and for identifying and capitalising on the opportunities resulting from the current macroeconomic climate, in order to build sustainable competitor advantage, maximise shareholder value and fuel future growth.

Meeting twenty-first century challenges

As one of Europe’s oldest business schools, we have experienced the highs and lows several times over. We have learned from, embraced and responded to change throughout its lifetime, and stand apart as a global and progressive business school for the twenty-first century. Our programmes are carefully designed to address the ever-evolving challenges facing organisations in every sector, in every country and at every level.

Developing leaders

We will continue to develop leaders to make the right choices; right for themselves, right for their organisations and right for the wider communities in which they exist. Whilst our reach and scale are genuinely global, the service provided, and the attention to detail afforded, will always be personal to the needs of each student, programme member and organisation with whom we work.

This vision is underpinned by Henley’s core values: