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Where will you be in 12 months? Designed to harness your real potential, the Full-time MBA will provide you with the knowledge, skills and strength to earn your place among the next generation of great business professionals and outstanding leaders – all in just one year.

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At Henley, we passionately believe that tomorrow’s outstanding leaders and great business professionals not only need to acquire practical skills and business acumen – they also need to be immersed in an environment that is dedicated to making them the very best they can be. At Henley we create a learning environment that is focused on you. The Henley MBA will harness your business intuition and empower you to apply it intelligently. We will help you reflect on the knowledge you acquire and gain a bigger picture of business and the wider world. Our MBA is a personal one, we will get to know you and be with you on every step of your journey. It is unique – and that is why we are proud to call it the Henley MBA.

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Managing People
In this module you will develop an appreciation that people management is a key line manager activity and develop an awareness of the issues and practices that support and hinder the management and development of people and performance in organisations. You will consider the impact of context on managing people and performance, particularly in national, international and multinational contexts; public and private sectors; large, medium and small enterprises. By the end of this module you will be expected to demonstrate the ability to identify issues and dilemmas in your own workplace based on your understanding of the people and performance management, philosophies and approaches.
Operations Management
The operations module is designed to enable students to align delivery system and process design to the strategic requirements of the organisation. You will learn how to implement process change through the application of project management techniques and evaluate and improve the on-going delivery of goods and services. The module covers key concepts and theories within the areas of operations management, service operations, process management and project management.
Finance Management
In this module you will be able to interpret and understand financial and economic data, support key management tasks of planning, controlling and making decisions to create value in an organisation. By the end of the module you will understand key concepts and theories of accounting and economics to manage financial resources and develop an ability to use and communicate on this concept s in practice.
Marketing Management
This module will introduce students to key marketing concepts, models and frameworks which you will apply to a range of business situations. You will develop your professional skills by applying a range of marketing analytical tools to make effective strategic and tactical decisions to provide value for the customer and the organisation. You will be taken through a cycle of activity to analyse markets, identify value opportunities and create and deliver marketing programmes.
Management in an International Context
This module will give students an insight into the variety of issues and challenges faced by managers of firms with international operations in an international environment. You will develop an understanding of the complexity of international markets and the capacity to successfully manage issues related to international business and strategy. You will learn how managers of internationally active firms sustain their firm in very different environments.
This module will enable students to understand and apply the fundamental principles of the strategic thinking process and also to gain insight into the variety of issues and challenges faced by managers of firms. By the end of the module you will be able to demonstrate a high level of ability and skill in strategic thinking, strategic analysis, synthesis and decision-making. You will be able to analyse and understand an organisation and its external competitive environment, assess an organisation’s internal value-creating activities and processes, and identify and evaluate appropriate strategic options for an organisation, assessing impact on competitive position and future performance.
Plus one elective module from a range which may include:
Corporate Finance, Strategic Information Management, Contemporary Perspectives in Marketing, Knowledge and Organisational Learning, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship
Leadership & Change
The module is designed to introduce students to key concepts, theories and models of leadership, change, culture and values, capabilities and approaches that bind these together. This module will prepare you to become a business leader so that you can make appropriate and effective use of different approaches in leadership and change. You will identify your development goals as change leaders and practice the core skills of leading change.
Corporate Reputation & Responsibility with International Study Visit
The Reputation and Responsibility module will develop your knowledge and understanding of strategic reputation and responsibility management. You will engage in debate and discussion around issues of corporate responsibility, sustainability and governance and learn about key concepts of how relationships are built and about stakeholder management. Students will be exposed to a range of tools for the analysis of perceptions related to reputation.

And a choice of one of the following:

Business Project
This is a self-directed piece of work to develop your ability to research, problem solve and learn independently. You will identify and summarise the key issues in a topic, design and justify and the research approach adopted, critically appraise relevant literature and present your chosen conclusions.
This is a self-directed piece of work to develop your ability to research, problem solve and learn independently. By the end of this module you will produce an original dissertation, which critically analyses a particular research question and examines the question using appropriate academic literature, data, methodology, theory and models.